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Welcome to our directory of endgame studies and lessons. These videos cover endgames of all levels, ranging from basic checkmates to extremely complicated endgame studies. To see ChessVideos.TV's most recent endgame videos, make sure to check out our Endgame Lessons forum. Many of the key positions discussed here can also be practiced in our endgame simulator. For an overview of how to use the simulator, make sure to watch this video. This article was created with the help of Katar's Endgame Course by CV.TV Members.


King and Pawn Endings

A still from Svente's video on pawn endings
Svente's award winning Pawn Ending Workshop.

We have a number of videos covering the most basic pawn endings all the way up to complicated endgames with multiple pawns on both sides of the board.

Foundational King and Pawn Endgame Positions

  • 8/24/08 Workshop: Pawn Endings 1-1 13:55- For a quick and instructive introduction to pawn endings, check out Svente's contest-winning pawn endings workshop. This covers all of the basics addressed in the other videos in this section.
  • 6/15/09 Rook Pawns 11:00 While the technique discussed in the previous video wins with almost every pawn, the stronger side cannot force a win with a rook pawn (a pawn on the a- or h-file). This video covers situations involving rook pawns.
  • 8/30/07 3p v 3p endgame 2:56 Understanding of king and pawn endings requires reviewing pawn breakthroughs. While other videos will give more complex examples of breakthroughs, this video covers one of the basic positions.
  • 4/24/07 Lesson: Queen vs. Pawn on the 7th rank 6:11 This video is also linked in the Queen ending section and is critical for understanding pawn endings as the queen vs. pawn on the 7th rank situation often occurs when one side barely wins a pawn race. Know this position well and practice it in the simulator.

Intermediate Pawn Endgame Ideas

These videos cover the intermediate level endgame ideas, with the exception of lessons on pawn breakthroughs, which can be found in a separate section. These lessons primarily focus on more complicated pawn positions as well as king maneuvers, like triangulation.

Pawn Breakthroughs

These videos cover more complicated pawn breakthroughs. The pawn breakthrough is one of the central ideas in pawn endings and should be understood by all improving players.

More Complicated Pawn Endings

Rook and Pawn Endings

Rook endings are the most common type of endgame. Rook endings are often very complicated and feature winning opportunities for both sides. While Tarrasch's observation that all rook endings are drawn is theoretically true, in practice, rook endings often feature winning opportunities for both sides.

Fundamental Rook Endgame Positions

Other Rook Endgame Videos

Minor Piece Endings

While minor piece endgames are less common than rook endings, they occur a fair amount and illustrate a number of key ideas for understanding how minor pieces operate. If you want to gain a deeper understanding of the bishop and knight in the endgame, middlegame, and even opening, a review of minor piece endgames is a great place to start.

Bishop Endings

Opposite Colored Bishop Endings

Perhaps the most drawish of all endgames, opposite colored bishop endings require a great deal of technical skill for the stronger side.

Knight Endings

Mixed Minor Piece Endings

These positions feature bishops and knights.

  • 8/31/07 Checkmating with B+N [14:20 This checkmate is extremely rare in practice, but is excellent for helping players understand how bishop and knights work together. Definitely worth watching and practicing in the [simulator].

Queen Endings

Queen endings are among the trickiest of all. Opportunities for perpetual checks abound and even getting a passed pawn down the board can be a difficult prospect if your king lacks a pawn shield. Furthermore, some material imbalances can be very tricky to win, like the infamous Queen vs. Rook endgame (no pawns).

  • 8/15/08 Queen vs Rook pawn on 7th 6:49 Note that the pawn on the seventh scenario is considerably more complicated (and often drawn) when the weaker side has a rook pawn. This video discusses these positions.

Queen & King vs. Rook & King

Perhaps the most complicated pawnless endgame scenario. Forcing a winning position can be extremely difficult.

More Complicated Queen Endings

Other Endgames with Material Imbalances

Rook vs. Bishop

Rook vs. Knight

General Endgame Topics


These videos discuss endgame compositions that often highlight critical endgame ideas. These positions are both beautiful and instructive.

Key Discussion Threads About Endgames

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