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Early sacrafice in the Najdorf (5mins) 
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 Early sacrafice in the Najdorf (5mins)

Not been playing much recently, but this was a fun game that stands out from the usual rubbish I've been playing as of late. I'm fairly sure it isn't sound was fun :) I think I lost a tempo with Qg3. Perhaps if I'd not have played this the sac would be more realistic. I know your're supposed to play Qg3 after Qf3, but I'm not entirely sure if playing Qf3 was actually right here, after Nbd7. I have to look that up now. (My Najdorf theory is rubbish, evidently).

Anyway, the game shows the practical chances offered to white with the famous d5 sac. In blitz I think it's okay...especially as he's a couple of hundred points higher rated, going for the crazy option seemed to offer the most chances. Any chances to improve on the attack? I'm pretty sure I can see some better defensive tries for him.

Thu Jul 26, 2012 7:25 pm
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 Re: Early sacrafice in the Najdorf (5mins)
If I remeber right, you play Qg3 in the lines with Be7.
In your game position Rhe1 should be the most common choice.

17Qe8+ Qd8 18Qxf7 wins on the spot, as black cannot avoid either Re8 or Ne6+ without losing a lot of material with Bg7.

17...Qc5 looks like try to hold

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Fri Jul 27, 2012 11:52 am

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 Re: Early sacrafice in the Najdorf (5mins)
As I understand it, white has two main ideas - the Nd5 sac and g4-g5. I've played the Rhe1/Nd5 with a Be7 included. Normally the g7 pawn is a tempo gainer for white who will target it. With a Bf8 this Nd5 idea seems weak to me - black does not have to take. I would lean towards a3 to stop his b4, then if Be7 Rhe1, and if something else then the pawn storm. Another point is without Qg3 you can answer his h6 with Bh4. Ok, I do not know the theory but this is how I understand the position.

Look up the theory. No doubt you will see I'm talking through my hat :lol:

Fri Jul 27, 2012 2:22 pm
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