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curtains - L258: B vs Botvitrosian [GM] [28:16] 
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 Re: curtains - L258: B vs Botvitrosian [GM] [28:16]
DandyDanD wrote:
Hmm, my argument is something like:

P1) I know that it's wrong to do this.
P2) (Implied premise) It seems reasonable (or acceptable) to do things that are wrong.
C) I know that this is wrong to do this, but (it seems that) I'm not being unreasonable in doing this.

At least the impression that seems to be given is that he's not being unreasonable.

guess it comes down to deciding where your line is for things that are too wrong to be reasonable?

Tue Aug 05, 2008 12:01 am

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 Re: curtains - L258: B vs Botvitrosian [GM] [28:16]
i know this is a little late to answer your rant but i want to do it. basically this all comes down to the fact we are all humans. we all do bad things even if we are not aware of. but the thing is, this is what makes humans, humans and the more you are aware of, the more you understand and admit you do the wrong thing the better. i download programs and i do download music but i really dont care if i am stealing. i know it is not the best thing you can do but it is also not the worst and you cant be a horrible person just by doing this. the era we are living in is not that of the saints, all sorts of evil shit is going on, all sorts of immoral people are living. and stealing a bunch of plastic spoons and downloading a few songs, programs is just not something to feel bad. i know some people migth say that you are a human and must better yourself but not downloading some songs and not stealing spoons is not the way to do it in my opinion. and lastly humans are the ones that created the notion of morality and (even if i dont want to get into a philosophical debate) i really think it sometimes gets out of hand. i mean it is neccery and all but sometimes you just get sick of it since its being used by some half-witted people who thinks they are doing the right thing but at the same time they are a bunch of selfish idiots. whatever i stop now since this will never end. one last thing, probably you wont like it but South Park has this episode about the downloading music thing. 7th season, the episode called Christian Rock Hard. Watch it :) it is not just fun but has a point. :D take care.

Wed Oct 29, 2008 1:06 pm

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 Re: curtains - L258: B vs Botvitrosian [GM] [28:16]
Well, now that this topic came up again I gave it some thought. I don't think it is about right or wrong it is about socially/personally accepted or not. People rationalize things that they feel could make them look bad or make them feel bad about themselves. In Iran a woman might rationalize not obeying her husband, because it is against the norm. And if she has accepted this norm, she might really feel bad/guilty about it.

That doesn't mean that stealing music is right or wrong. That just means when you rationalize it, you either believe it is wrong or believe that it is ok but that others might judge you for it. In the first case: dont do it, in the second case: grow a backbone.

Wed Oct 29, 2008 4:06 pm

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 Re: curtains - L258: B vs Botvitrosian [GM] [28:16]
Piracy is not stealing, rape or murder. Its a totally different crime. Its piracy

Tue Nov 09, 2010 8:44 pm
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