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JoshSpecht - Endgame Study: K+Q vs. K+R [8:06] 
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 shSpecht - Endgame Re: JoStudy: K+Q vs. K+R [8:06]

Mon Mar 16, 2009 7:18 pm

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 Re: JoshSpecht - Endgame Study: K+Q vs. K+R [8:06]
Great! Its the first video I saw on and I saw how great this site is!!Amazing!!

Mon May 18, 2009 10:15 am
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 Re: JoshSpecht - Endgame Study: K+Q vs. K+R [8:06]
Very instrictive video!! :?

Sun Jun 07, 2009 4:18 am

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 Re: JoshSpecht - Endgame Study: K+Q vs. K+R [8:06]
I know this one as the Philidor position - well Philidor's notes were complilations as well as original discoveries so that's all right..

Can't win [in the general case Q v R] against programs-with-tablebases, even with no time limit and no 50-move-rule :-(

- I have some printed (ie what is nowadays called hardcopy) notes, have been procrastinating over practising!

A video adjunct that covers the 'third-rank' (tablebase) (aka 'the incredible flying rook') defence would perhaps push me into serious practice... but Josh pointed out the difficulties...

Josh, maybe you could try to split this up and take the stages/parts one video at the time, as in Nunn's book (mentioned below) or as in: ... c5191fc2cd

My notes are essentially the above r.g.c post, + Nunn's 'secrets of pawnless endings' 2nd ed. chapter 3, + some scribblings (on the elementary side, and on the practical side...)

Sat Jun 20, 2009 1:40 am

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 Re: JoshSpecht - Endgame Study: K+Q vs. K+R [8:06]
Yes, I agree me and my son have been trying to get the rook in the corner and have not been able to back the king up. Seems like the rook always keep the king from helping with checks.

Tue Nov 24, 2009 8:25 am

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 Re: JoshSpecht - Endgame Study: K+Q vs. K+R [8:06]
Hello, good people.

In case anyone is still interested, I will offer some insight on this endgame. I have developed the ability to consistently defeat the simulator, although it is not always easy to stay under the 50-move limit. It remains difficult to describe a completely effective method to achieve victory from any starting position, but the following info should help you to develop a such a strategy.

My initial objective is to move my king into the center, with the enemy king "almost" against the edge (on rank-2, rank-7, file-b or file-g), but ignoring the instinct to push him against the edge for now. Meanwhile, the queen is cleverly positioned so as to force transition into the following "quasi-cornered" position:


Obviously, any corner will do fine (the a8 corner is used here to be consistent with the video demonstration). Note that it is also acceptable to have the black king at b6 (or c7, in which case the attack should be flipped). After some practice, this position can be obtained quite easily from some other common positions. From here, I use the following sequence:

1) Q+b4 K-c7
2) Q+a5 K-b7
3) Q+b5 R-b6
4) Q+d7 K-b8
5) K-c5 R-a6
6) Q+b5 K-a7
7) Q-b4 R-e6
8) Q-d4 R-b6

Now we have the "semi-cornered" position shown below, with white-to-move.


Note that you can sometimes obtain this position (or something essentially equivalent) much more directly, without using the sequence indicated above. From here, I use the following cycle to swap the tempo:

9) Q-e3 K-a6
10) Q+d3 K-a7
11) Q-d4 ...

Now black retreats, and we can easily obtain the "fully-cornered" position discussed in the Lolli endgame:

11) ... R-b7
12) K-c6 K-b8
13) Q+d8 K-a7

The rest is covered in the video by Josh. In practice, it makes sense to replace the final move by 13) Q+h8, and 14) Q-d8, so that the Lolli position is reached with black-to-move.

If requested, I could provide some additional detail on how to obtain the "quasi-cornered" position from some simpler starting positions.

- Letchmann

Tue Feb 23, 2010 12:04 am

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 Re: JoshSpecht - Endgame Study: K+Q vs. K+R [8:06]
So many stalemate tricks with the side with the rook. Another piece that's somewhat tough to checkmate against is the king and knight vs. king and queen.

Mon Apr 18, 2011 7:08 pm

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 Re: JoshSpecht - Endgame Study: K+Q vs. K+R [8:06]
Winning K+Q vs. K+R against Crafty End Game Trainer has suddenly become much more difficult - move any piece and the board goes blank (at the time of posting 31 January 2011 and for the last week). You can't beat an invisible robot! Link: ... -queen.php.

Hopefully normal service will soon resume. Meanwhile there is a useful hint on Wikipedia which break down the third-rank defence: look up "Pawnless endings" ... ersus_rook


Tue Jan 31, 2012 3:01 pm
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