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Curtains NEW blitz series 
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 Curtains NEW blitz series
Hello everyone. I've decided to step my entire chess game up a notch and to take the game more seriously. I'm doing this not only to help my chess coaching ability, but to improve my own chess understanding and ability as well. In order to do this it's imperative that I learn more openings. I will now have 5 different series of videos. There will be the regular chessstud games where I play the same openings that I'm playing now, and there will be four new accounts that will each play their own set of openings.

Below are the openings you'll see on these accounts:

The (L) series (chessstud is my account)

- With white I'll play 1. c4
- With black I'll play the Accelerated Dragon and the Nimzo/Bogo Indian

The (E) series (PimpMastA3000 is my account):

- With white I'll play 1.e4
- With black I'll play the Najdorf and the SemiSlav

The (D) series (ZippytheCat is my account)

- With white I'll play 1.d4
- With black I'll play the Caro-Kann and the Slav

The (N) series (ilikewaterice is my account)

- With white I'll play 1. Nf3, with a focus on the Catalan type positions
- With black I'll play the French and an alternate version of the SemiSlav

The (G) series (IminLovewithICC is my account)

- With white I'll play 1. e4 but different e4 lines than the other series....
- With black I'll play Double King Pawn and the Grunfeld

The (Q) series (curtains is my account)

- With white I'll play 1. d4 but different d4 lines than the other series
- With black I'll play different lines of the Najdorf and an alternate Nimzo line and the Queens Indian instead of the Bogo Indian

The letters are sort of random. E = e4 D= d4 N=Nf3 G=Grunfeld and Q=Queen's Indian

As always, each 10th video for each series will be free. There will be at least one video per day from me, and usually two per day (one regular blitz game and one 3 minute set). The good news is that if you aren't interested in a particular opening, you can simply follow just one of my video series, and you will see all of the games I play in those lines, while also following my rating progression.

- curtains

Mon Jul 11, 2011 9:13 pm
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 Re: Curtains NEW blitz series
1.e4 is a great idea. (Actually it's a great idea to add the other "new" openings too, for that matter!) I look forward to seeing more Panov Botvinnik games against the CK. You play it very well and the IQP middlegames have enormous value from an instructional standpoint. Even your old c3-Sicilian is OK, but since you are picking up the Najdorf, i imagine you will just go into the Open Sicilian on both sides.

Somehow a lot of your 1.c4 and Maroczy Bind games seemed to blend together, and were not terribly exciting besides.

Up til now, i was only remotely interested in buying your Nimzo/Bogo games, so it's good to hear that there will be more variety in the future.

"Yes, I have played a blitz game once. It was on a train, in 1929." -Botvinnik

Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:04 am

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 Re: Curtains NEW blitz series
Great news that you are taking up some new openings.

Correction on one of your handles listed - PimpMasta3000 (not master)

Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:52 pm

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 Re: Curtains NEW blitz series
this is kind of reminiscent of like a line of luxury cars... what's next the GTX 45 A-series fully decked out with leather and oak trimmings?

Wed Aug 10, 2011 10:16 pm
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