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January 12, 2016 - by admin

The Endgame Simulator is a great way to practice common endgames, and is one of the most popular features of the site.

Can you checkmate with a rook or two bishops?

If you want something more challenging, try a bishop and knight or rook and two pawns vs rook.

We've got lot of videos about these endings as well, so if you are having trouble, click the links to learn how to do it from our resident expert.
We offer thousands of free chess videos to help you improve your game. The range of videos include lessons from top players to those focused on improving your chess tactics. Chess is a hugely popular game of tact and skill, popular online and off. Many players enjoy other Internet opponent/strategy games such as poker (still popular in the USA), which can be played for real money - many American players do this full time as professionals.
US Players can play legal online poker now that there are regulated US poker sites both in New Jersey and in Nevada.

January 29, 2015 - by kamus

It's a new year and is still here and although the activity is not at the same level as before Curtains' (IM Greg Shahade) understandable defection to YouTube, there is still plenty to celebrate. Most notably, the site has been enlivened by new videos from Gambitplayer. If you check the Active Topics Page you'll see plenty of great new stuff from him: blitz games, a series on strategic principles and video tutorials of openings. Kamus is still around (natch, that's me) with his Chess Beauty series on endgame studies and chess problems. Many more videos are planned for this year including more endgame studies, coffeehouse openings, a series on the St. George Defense and the Psuedo-Trompowsky as well as classic games from great British chessplayers of the past.

Last but not least is the fantastic treasure trove of great videos that exist here, many from GMs, IMs and FMs concerning all areas of the Royal Game. Use the video search function to find a video on practically any chess subject that interests you.And if you are a Curtains enthusiast, although he may be camped out over at YouTube these days, but he leaves behind a vast collection (2000+) of videos, none of which appear on his YouTube channel.

October 2, 2014 - by kamus

Despite the defection of Curtains to Youtube and a subsequent dropoff in traffic, this site is still alive and well. Steve Farmer and myself continue to post videos while others such as Sarciness and ketchuplover are contributing comments and games as well.

I'd like to remind everyone that this site hosts a vast treasury of great chess videos from both pro and amateur alike- content that is only available here. Because of the forum format, it's not terribly convenient to browse through the collection however, the search function works quite well and through the keyword function, ... [Read More]

March 9, 2014 - by admin

The all-time leading video contributor to ChessVideos.TV, curtains (i.e. IM Greg Shahade), now has a youtube channel where he posts new videos.

If you enjoyed his videos on ChessVideos.TV, you'll enjoy them on youtube. If you are a fan I highly recommend you subscribe to his ... [Read More]

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