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Want to get better at chess endgames?

We have linked up the crafty chess engine to our chess board, meaning you can play versus the computer in different situations directly within your browser. You can practice chess endgamess risk free in your browser and see if you can force checkmate or manage a draw. Challenge yourself with our large variety of puzzles in all difficulties.

Looking to perfect some common chess endgames? Look for the endgames marked [EP], or Extra Practice, which will change starting positions everytime you reload. See if you can win from multiple different starting positions!

Winning Endgames

All of these positions are wins by white within 50 moves

Endgames versus a lone King

[EP]Queen and King vs King

[EP]Rook and King vs King

[EP]Two Bishops and King vs King

[EP]Bishop + Knight and King vs King

King and Pawn Endgames

[EP]Pawn and King vs King

Basic King Triangulation

Useful Manuever NEW!

Queen Endgames

Queen vs Rook I NEW!

Queen vs Rook II NEW!

[EP]Queen and King vs Pawn on the 7th Rank

[EP]Queen and King vs Bishop and King

[EP]Queen and King vs Knight and King

[EP]Queen and King vs Rook and King

Queen vs Bishop + Knight + H-Pawn

Rook Endgames

Tricky Rook + King vs Rook NEW!

The Lucena Position

[EP]Rook + 2 Pawns vs Rook

Four Pawns + Rook vs Three Pawns + Rook

Rook vs Knight Ending NEW!

Challenging Rook Endgame With Extra Pawn NEW!

Rook vs Bishop NEW!

Rook + Pawn vs Bishop NEW!

Tricky Win With Rook Vs Bishop NEW!

Tricky Win With Rook Vs Bishop II NEW!

Two Rooks vs Queen + Pawn NEW!

Bishop Endgames

Centurini's Position NEW!

Bishop + Pawn vs Bishop NEW!

Bishop vs Knight Endgame NEW!

Knight Endgames

Knight Maneuvering NEW!

Two Knights vs Pawn

Two Knights vs Pawn II NEW!

Force A Draw!

All of these are draws for white, if you can manage it!

Bishop vs Knight + Pawn Endgame NEW!

3 Pawns vs Rook

[EP]Philidor Position

Bishop vs Rook NEW!

Bishop vs Rook + Pawn NEW!

Famous Endgames

Positions from famous games, see how well you can play them!

Capablanca-Tartakower, 1924

Kasparov-Anand, 2003

Zilber-Tal, 1958

Looking for another endgame?

Why not create your own!

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