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August 6, 2013

New Videos

Though the summer got off to a relatively slow start, we've had quite a bit of video action in the last few weeks. To wit, Curtains (IM Greg Shahade) has been very active with a number of entries in his historical solitaire series: Sclechter vs Lasker, Lasker vs Mieses and Burn vs Lasker. Modern Chess was not neglected either as his Kramnik vs Gelfland shows. He also found time to contribute a couple of 5 minute games: here, here and here.

Our Viking Vaporiser, Zibbit (FM Ingvar Johannesson) continues to shred the opposition over at Chesscube. Witness the total destruction here and here.

Other worthy offerings were provided by Calm who examined Mamedyarov's 7th round game from the 2013 World Rapid Championships. Site stalwart, Whiskeytown also chimed in with a fresh game in his Last days of grand 'ol July video. Finally, kamus continues to baffle the boffins with his Chess Beauty series. You can see his latest entries, as well as all the latest posts and videos by all our conrtibutors by visiting the Active Topics section of the forum.