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July 26, 2013

This Week's Videos

It may be the lazy, hazy days of summer elsewhere but here at we're seeing plenty of cool action from our video producers.
Zibbit (FM Ingvar Johannesson), the Sub-Arctic Avenger,continues to terrorize the rabbits over at Chesscube. Witness the carnage here and here. Site mainstay, Curtains (IM Greg Shahade) produced several entries in his popular Modern Chess Solitaire series: Gelfand v Andreikin, Carlsen v Kramnik (FREE!), Anand v Gelfand, Gelfand v Morozevich and Gelfand v Carlsen.
Longtime favorite Calm continues his coverage of the 2013 World Rapid Championship with Quang-Mamedyarov and Mamedyarov -Kairullin.
Finally, after a long break, kamus revived his endgame study series with Chess Beauty 51 and Chess Beauty 52.