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Terms Of Service

1. Refund Policy

All sales on ChessVideos.TV are final and non-refundable. Unredeemed credits will be refunded within 6 months of purchase if the user wishes to de-activate their account, minus paypal and other applicable fees. Refund requests should be send to with the subject like "Unredeemed Credit Refund Request". Sadly due to tax reasons we cannot offer credit refunds for purchases after 6 months have passed.

2. Video Purchase Rights

Purchasing a video grants the user unlimited viewing of that video on the ChessVideos.TV website, with reasonable exceptions for website availability (see section 4) and video availability (see section 3). That user will also have the ability to download the video in iPod format for their own personal use.

3. Video Availability

ChessVideos.TV reserves the right to remove videos from the website for any reason. However, all users are guaranteed video availability (subject to website availability, section 4) for a 7 day period after video purchase. In that time, each user will have the ability to download the video for their personal use in perpetuity. If a video is removed from the website before this 7 day period is complete, that user can request a refund of any credits that were spent purchasing that video. These refund requests should be send to with the subject line "Video Credit Refund Request".

4. Website Availability

ChessVideos.TV offers no availability guarantee, however a reasonable effort will always be made to keep the website available. ChessVideos.TV's administrator also reserve the right to shut the site down for regular maintenance, software upgrades or feature development at any time.