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July 30, 2011

Zibbit's new PPV Lesson - Free for a limited time!

Zibbit recently posted a new PPV video lesson, Lessons #1 - Endings, Biel and WTC <2>:

All the top players in the world are providing us with new games in Biel, Dortmund and the World Team Championships. FM Ingvar Johannesson has chosen three game fragments from these recent games for short lessons in important endgame principles including pawn endings, rooks on the 7th and king safety. This lesson should be suitable up the 2000 elo level.

Special Offer: Between now and end of day July 1st, anybody that purchases the video, watches the lesson and posts a comment in the thread will get a 2 video credit bonus from me. That means you get a free chess lesson and Zibbit gets compensated for his great lesson. Hurry up and check out the video to take advantage of this special offer!