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June 10, 2011

Zibbit's Benoni Introduction For Black

Zibbit aka FM Ingvar Johannesson gives an overview of which lines black needs to know about to play the Benoni. There is also a brief summary of key themes such as fighting against the Nd2-c4 manoeuvre in the Fianchetto and what to avoid such as the e5 break in the Knaak variation. Finally some advice about early move orders and which lines can possibly be cut out with those. Here is the link: Benoni - Into and overview for black.

This 40 minute video will only set you back 4 video credits, which is probably about the best deal you are going to find for high quality chess material. In case you need to learn more, here is an introduction to video credits.

Video credits help keep this website running, so please support Zibbit and support ChessVideos.TV and check out this video!